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Welcome to your Perimenopause Warriors Blog

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Am I going mad’

I was finding it harder to express myself, remember and concentrate.

I was running my own business and it was getting harder and taking longer to get tasks done!

My experiences of sudden memory loss and brain fog led me to self-diagnose Dementia.

I decided I was going to bravely carry on and delay burdening my family with this news for as long as possible.

By complete accident, I discovered it was another menopause symptom. I was instantly relieved from the burden that I did not have a life- ending disease but a temporary perimenopause symptom!

I, like many other females, was not aware of all the possible menopause symptoms.

Knowing you are not well, and not knowing what is causing it causes a lot of additional anxiety and stress.

Nuffield Health reports that 62% of 3,275 females surveyed experience menopause symptoms that caused them to act differently, or which had a detrimental effect on their lives.

I want to be the support that I needed.

I have utilised a decade of coaching and teaching experience to devise a Coaching programme that will provide women with the awareness and the skills which will help to minimise the effect of menopause symptoms or help them cope with it better.

In my previous product business, we created products that supported women with skin and hair care needs that were affected by menopause. But there was a clear realization that menopause also has a significant mental impact that can lead to major life changes in career and relationships.

Using our 3Cs model, we provide women with the knowledge and support to enable them to have more Clarity, Confidence and Courage to fall back in love with themselves. With over 30+ symptoms and minimal medical options, women are often left to face the experience alone, but Perimenopause Warriors is a coaching organisation that was created to support women through the transition to Menopause.

They will increase your awareness of symptoms and be given you an individualised action plan to manage them.

Mindset strategies to regain or maintain a good perspective of themselves.

Resilience so comes what may they stay on the path to accomplish their goals.

The programme has been created to empower and reassure you that the symptoms and experiences they have may interrupt your quality of life, but with the right information and support, you can be yourself again.

If you would like to learn more about the programme lets arrange a conversation here

In the meantime, I hope you find this blog, positive, encouraging and empowering!


Monigho Griffin,

Founder and Coach of Perimenopause Warriors

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