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How do you feel when you are having a hot flush?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Hot flushes are the most common perimenopausal symptoms experienced by two-thirds of women

So, I wonder, what do you think and how do you react when you've had a hot flush?

Can I say what you shouldn't do?

You shouldn't feel embarrassed or self-conscious.


Because you're the one who's noticing the hot flush the most.

Other people may be used to it, see it, and don't notice it.

You shouldn't walk out of the room or stop what you're doing, because your anxiety would intensify the symptom and make you feel more anxious.

We can learn from men!

What do they do when they sweat?

They just wipe their brow and carry on.


Because they do not quantify their self-worth, contribution, or value by the quantity they sweat.

So why should you?

What do you think?

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