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As a Perimenopausal woman are you now past your sell by date?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

I had a conversation with a lady who was depressed during Perimenopause as she was painfully aware that her dream of expanding her family was going to go unfulfilled.

She said

"My life is at an end” &

“I was past my sell-by date”

Have you felt similar?

Is that true?

Well, if we say Perimenopause can start depending on your ethnicity from 48. The life expectancy of a woman in the UK is 82.

So, you have decades left to live.

What are you going t choose to do with it?

Can I suggest avoiding using it to dwell on thoughts that do not make you feel good?

Yes, you may not be the next Naomi Campbell who gave birth at 50 or even @Brigette Nielsen that gave birth at 54.

But do you need to be?

It is never too late to be interested /contribute to the lives of children in your extended family, or social group.

You can also foster, sponsor, or even adopt a child if you wanted to go that bit further.

So please do not focus during Perimenopause on thoughts regarding what you have not done, how about acknowledging what you have accomplished, and planning something that excites you for the future?

What do you think?

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